How to Find Cheap International Airfares

International travel could mean spending a lot on just air tickets and then having nothing to spend on other activities and most of all nothing to spend on shopping. What good is international travel then? Well, here’s a little piece of advice: don’t rush to buying tickets after you have planned a vacation abroad. Do a little research before choosing an international airline. Booking separate flights can save you a lot of money. So don’t search for direct flights. Direct flights are going to give you a lot of fatigue anyway so it’s safer to fly on separate flights. Similarly, there are discount offers always open for national and international flights through which airlines make money during off-season vacations. You just have to dig a little deeper and find out how much you can save on just one of these trips.Book in advance if you absolutely have to, but statistics show that last-minute reservations are the cheapest of all. Of course they are always on chance and you can’t travel like that with a family. But if you are traveling alone and time is not crucial then keeping your fingers crossed to find a cheap last-minute special flight can prove to be a soothing experience. There are other ways to find cheap international travel agencies and one of these ways is to search online. Travelocity, Expedia, Cheap Travel, Hotwire etc. are just a few of these websites that offer great discount packages on national as well as international flights. They are called online travel consolidators. They might not have a lot of services on their lists but surely they are the cheapest and safest way of finding inexpensive airfare online and they are becoming increasingly popular these days. Furthermore, online consolidators can help you choose a good time for flight so that you don’t end up spending too much on airfare.Air courier services are the best way to travel to foreign countries. You can register yourself with one of the courier service companies and enjoy international flights whenever you want at very low prices! Yes, that’s true. And sometimes the courier services even offer you to travel for free. However, there are some drawbacks to being a courier. First of all, you can’t travel with family. Secondly, it wastes a lot of time. But of course if you are traveling alone, or simply enjoy exploring new places you have never seen before and have an ample time on your hands then flying as a courier is something you should not miss. Courier travels can save you up to 85% of your airfare, and as already said these flights are sometimes even totally free of cost. However, you will have to pay the company an annual fee which is normally a very small amount. Here are two very useful website to find out more about courier companies and what they are up to: The Air Courier Association ( with a family requires that you book in advance. Booking two weeks before your departure can prove to be a cheaper solution. That’s because popular flights often increase their rates when the date is close at hand. Especially weekend flights are known to experience such changes. So if you are planning to fly on a weekend, don’t waste time and find yourself a good reservation before it is too late. International travels are usually planned and you know which date you would be flying back, so buy a return ticket instead of one-way. That way it will save you a lot of money. Also, search on the Internet for return flight days. Usually if a return flight is on a weekday it will cost you much lesser than if it is on Saturday or Sunday.Many websites already discussed also offer discount rates on airfare for certain destination locations. Keep a track of these locations and see if one of these days they list the country or city where you want to go. These travel agencies are becoming popular day by day and because of this reason there’s a lot of competition going on. Do not rely on just one of these websites, keep looking and book seats at least two or three flights and then see what happens at the time when you are ready to go. Just follow these easy tips and you are sure to find a cheap airline in only a few hours of search. Best of luck!